Dr. A. Q. Khan School & College Safari-I

Education Replaces an Empty Mind with an Open Mind.


Dr.A.Q. Khan College of Science & Technology is the prime establishment in the chain of academic  institutions sponsored by the Bahria Town Education Trust. Its foundation stone was laid in 1999 by the eminent nuclear scientist of Pakistan whose name adorns the campus.


Dr. A.Q.Khan College has been established as an English-medium institution of quality education for the children of Bahria Town residents and all of other sections of connecting communities regardless of race, religion or region of origin. The process of academic activity for students is governed under the following objectives:-


  • Impart knowledge on modern lines with scientific approach
  • Provide conducive condition to help promote the pupils' potentialities
  • Develop traits of integrity, compassion and tolerance in order to strengthen civil society
  • Explore and enhance the individual abilities to pursue their choice career
  • Cultivate the qualities of initiative and leadership
  • Inculcate an inherent sense of self- discipline and orderly behaviour
  • Foster physical fitness  


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