Dr. A. Q. Khan School & College Safari-I


Dr. A. Q. Khan college offers a comprehensive span of schooling right from Kindergarten onward to Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certificates ( SSC & HSSC) besides IGCESE/ GCE 'O' Levels. Each stage of study is characterized by provision of solid academic foundation together with a vibrant environment of learning. A list of the Syllabus subjects is given here under:

KINDERGARTEN( Playgroup, Nursery, Prep)

English, Urdu, Mathematics,  Art & Crafts

Class  I-VII

English, Urdu, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Computer Science, Art &Crafts

Class VIII- X ( Federal Board Curriculum)

English, Urdu, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Computer Science

GCE O LEVELS ( University of Cambridge)

English, Urdu, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Computer Science

Class XI-XII (Federal Board Curriculum) 

Compulsory Subjects: English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies & Islamic Studies

Elective Subjects:  

  1. Pre-Engineering ( Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  2. Pre-Medical   ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  3. General Science Group: ( Physics, Mathematics , Computer Science) 



A systematic process of students' assessment is pursued as an essential element of the College Calendar. their academic standing is adjudged regularly and back up action devised promptly for improvement of performance. A classification of test and examination is cited as under:


On completion of a unit/chapter/lesson, the students are required to take proper written test of 20 marks in each subject. marks obtained are listed in the Assessment Book which is sent to the parents for information and signature.


A spot test of short duration is held every week to ascertain the comprehension and study routine of the students. it may be conducted orally or in writing as per the requirement of the course contents. The attainment is recorded on the individual performance chart.


Being comprehensive in scope, the annual examination is the ultimate measure of the student's evaluation.It covers the whole syllabus of the respective class. The promotion criterion entails 40% marks in individual subjects and 50% in aggregate. A student failing in two major subjects is assessed as overall failure. The result is conveyed through a progress report which carries marks/ grades attained in each Subject, overall grading and position in the section/ Class in addition to evaluation of personality traits and general remarks.  


The end term examination is held twice a year at the close of 1st and 2nd terms of the academic session. The students' result and standing in the class/section are communicated to parents through a formal ' Result Report' . The marked answer scripts too are returned along.